Rivercrest Cabana Club of Piscataway is a private summer swim club founded in 1961 to provide a family oriented social, sport and recreational facility.  Rivercrest Cabana Club is located at the end ofRivercrest Drive in Piscataway, NJ and is open June through September.  As a private club, Rivercrest limits membership to 150 families, so the facilities will never be overcrowded on those hot days or holidays. 

Rivercrest facilities include a 25 meter pool, a 1 meter diving board, and a baby pool.  Sit at one of our poolside tables while you watch the children in the pool; sunbathe in a lounge chair or just relax in our shaded areas.  Don't feel like cooking at home...our grills are available and fired up for member use Friday through Sunday. 


This Family friendly environment is conducive to a relaxing and enjoyable experience. Members are free to bring snacks, drinks and even meals! 


Rivercrest Cabana Club offers a variety of Social Activities throughout the season. There is something scheduled for everyone!

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