Rivercrest Cabana Club allows for prospective members to join our club using an introductory fee scale at discounted prices. As an introductory member, you will have full access to all of the Rivercrest Facilities and Functions for which membership is required!

The main difference between an introductory membership and a full membership is the ability to vote in Rivercrest elections and in matters of governance for which a member vote is required. Introductory members must follow all club rules.


Our goal in offering an introductory membership is to allow you to experience what the club and the people of Rivercrest are all about. 

As a convenience to our members, Rivercrest now offers the ability to pay your introductory membership via a Credit or Debit Card. There is an associated fee for this convenience of approximately 4% (3.49% + .49 Cents). This amount has been added to the applicable amount, and applies to membership fees, initiation payments and any additional person payments paid for, using a credit or debit card.

Please select one of the two options to complete your membership registration.  

1)  Please make checks payable to RIVERCREST CABANA CLUB
and Mail along with the Introductory Membership Forms to

Mary Wasielewski
1 Knollwood Street 
Piscataway, NJ 08854


2)  Choose your correct Introductory year below and

      Make a Credit or Debit Card Payment Via PAYPAL (additional processing fee applies)

Scan and email the completed Introductory Membership Forms to


or mail to the address listed above

​Please note that access to Rivercrest cannot be allowed until payment has been received.